While at one of my most favourite tea houses, Seven Cups, I recently tried a maocha (毛茶) called White Moonlight Tea (月光白茶). The smell of the wet leaves in the pot included some floral notes, but the resulting liquid smelled smokey. The first infusion had a light earthy flavor with weak fruity notes wrapped in a light fog. The second infusion also had a light earthy flavor that you would expect with a dark tea (黑茶) with a light smokey fog obscuring the fruity notes, but as the second infusion cooled the fruity notes trumpeted forth. The third infusion was lighter flavor overall with a complex blend of smokey and fruity notes with almost no earthy notes left. I did not have time (due to a flight) to stay to try further infusions, but it is not unusual for a tea like this to give at least 5 good infusions. This was a wonderful tea and a good introduction to dark teas (黑茶).

NOTE: tea terms used herein are further defined here.