I am an information designer and a Social Security Administration Eligible for Direct Payment Non-Attorney (E.D.P.N.A.) representative.  This is my professional research blog.  The topics will include mainly legal research, mechanics of graphic and information design, as well as tea and art appreciation.

“Rosa Ferreum” is my long-standing pen name. It is an artistically corrupted Latin term that symbolizes many parts of both my personality and my personal philosophy. When signing artistic works, I now use the Hanzi form of “Rosa Ferreum,” which is: “鐵瑰.” In the past, if I signed an artistic work, it would only be signed with the heraldic charge I use as a graphical identification mark (involving 6 interlocking, fimbriated rings in a vaguely flower-like shape with 4 fimbriated ogresses in cross and at the center of 4 of the rings).

PLEASE NOTE: While legal topics will often come up, the legal matters discussed are written as research notes and not intended to be legal advice with respect to particular cases: I am a not an attorney and while I am perfectly capable of giving advice on Social Security matters, this is not the forum for that.  If you want to retain my advocacy services, do not leave a comment here, but rather, contact me through LinkedIn for more information.

My professional credentials such as they are relevant: I have about 27 years legal research experience (with over 14 years specializing in Social Security administrative law practice).  I have R.O.P. certificates in Commercial Art/Animation (1998) and in Business Management and Ownership (1996).  In 1999, I was named Elks National Foundation Eagle Scout Scholar and, in 2004, I was named the Omicron Delta Kappa Province XVI Leader of the Year.  For my Bachelor of Arts degree (awarded on September 2, 2006), I created my own interdisciplinary major (officially entitled “Humanities and Social Sciences” with a concentration in “Speculative Law and Fiction”) combining comparative literature, philosophy, and history with a tremendous focus in my studies on law, formal logic, and the interpretation of various media (including literature, period legal documents, film, and animation).  While earning my Bachelor’s degree, I was a member of Phi Alpha Theta (2004), Alpha Lambda Delta (2004), Omicron Delta Kappa (2003), Golden Key (2002), and Gamma Beta Phi (2002). From 1994 through 2006, I gained extensive administrative and information design experience (including 12 years of administrating student, non-profit, and business organizations while working in over 37 distinct capacities and receiving over 24 awards and distinctions).  In 2008, I got a 92 on the Social Security non-attorney representative examination and I have since trained many others to take that exam (many of whom got perfect scores). From June 2013 through the end of January 2014, I was the Senior Advocate of the office to which I was then assigned (which had both attorney and non-attorney representatives).  Twice I have put out my own shingle and operated my own advocacy company entitled The E.D.P.N.A. Advocacy Office of Michael Stephen Stretton, III, primarily servicing other advocacy companies and law firms involved in representing claimants before the Social Security Administration.